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Project information

reflects distinctive character
Upon this belief is where Wish Signature ll Midtown Siam project was built. At SIAMNUWAT , we believe a home is not just a place to inhabit, but where one creates individual daily experiences that build up ‘unique’ lifestyles of each person. Your home should be your signature.

Therefore, SIAMNUWAT has decided to build an Ultra Modern condominium, rooted from our deep understanding, on the rare extent of the golden Midtown Siam, the location fully capable of answering every different need in one place, to make every second worth living while also echoing each person's originality.


Project highlight


Reside in new style, high above beyond the horizon

The passion for social life and the need to create distinctive identity right where we are, these are the core ideas behind this unique all-in-one 4-floor facility space called 'Lifestyle Pods', situated on the rooftop, rendering the total experience of signature living above the sky.




WISH Signature II Midtown Siam
350 M. From BTS Ratchathewi


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